Rachel Clarke

Primary education consultant (Maths)

“Dream the unbelievable and make it happen”

Charismatic and innovative, Rachel brings a clear and dynamic perspective to the teaching and assessment of mathematics. Why shouldn’t the ordinary become extraordinary through modelling excellence and inspiring others to achieve their very best? With 11 years’ classroom experience, Rachel’s passion for teaching & learning shines through in her positive, creative approach to teacher training. She says: “Training is vital to the provision of high quality education. Teachers who continue to learn inspire children who continue to learn.” In 2017, Rachel is looking forward to supporting a wide range of schools in enhancing their teaching & learning.

Kym Scott

Primary education consultant (Early Years)

“Getting it right at the start will make the difference in the end”

With a proven track record in improving teaching quality, Kym ensures the Early Years workforce is fully informed and prepared to give EVERY child the very best start in life. Passionate and inspiring, she brings to The Training Space clear evidence (and real examples) of the impact of play-based learning on all children, including those at risk of educational disadvantage. Her 10 years as a teacher, and 15 years in consultancy, makes her very well-placed to help Early Years staff reflect on their principles and practice. Kym says: “Education should be about adults helping children to challenge themselves to be the very best that they can be.” In 2017, Kym will be continuing to inspire and inform many more staff educating our youngest children.

Jane Considine

Primary education consultant (English)

“Have integrity, be kind”

Author of best sellers The Write Stuff and Hooked on Books, Jane is not phased by the challenges facing education today, Jane energises teachers with her unique blend of sparkling effervescence and clear, practical guidance. In her 18th year as an education consultant, she is still bringing a wealth of fresh ideas (and clarity) to the effective teaching of writing and reading. Jane’s aim is always to deliver high quality CPD that makes a difference where it matters…back in the classroom. Jane says: “Education should be rich, relevant and ignite pupils’ passions, so they value themselves and the lives they want to lead. “Training is the most important entitlement in teachers’ professional lives – allowing them to grow into the very best they can be. Well-nurtured and professionally-loved teachers foster inspired and capable children.

Ian Considine

Company Director

“Keep on keeping on”

A teacher himself for 12 years, Ian’s role at The Training Space is to take a strategic overview of training agendas, coordinate the consultants and manage the company’s publishing arm. His daily contributions include: humour, guidance and a steady supply of peppermint tea. On a typical working day, Ian is most likely to be found project-managing new training resources to market; liaising with customers and managing the team. Driven by the belief that education should be excellent, accessible and open to all, Ian sees teacher training as an essential component in ensuring the betterment of future generations. His ‘to do’ list for 2017 includes: making a success of the company’s new, dedicated teacher development centre in Northamptonshire and taking Jane Considine’s forthcoming ‘reading’ book to market. Furthermore, he aims to collect UK-wide data on the impact of The Write Stuff (Jane’s sentence-stacking approach to the teaching of writing).


Associate Designer

“Everything happens for a reason”

Keeping the ball rolling behind the scenes is the lovely – and creative – Freya Considine. Most likely to be found designing colourful, vibrant promotional materials, it’s her job to spread the word about all the great things happening at The Training Space. Honest, optimistic (and only a little bit ditsy), Freya generates marketing materials and content for a wide range of conferences, training courses and primary school resources.



“To bring anything into your life, imagine it’s already there”

Most likely to answer your telephone call is our highly motivated administrator, Courtney. Open-minded and quirky (in a good way), she is also responsible for organising events, answering emails and keeping up to date with social media and advertising. Courtney says: “Education should be a development process that shapes and enhances an individual’s ability whilst leaving room for their own personal spark.”

Why The Training Space?

We care about children’s experiences of school. Our vision for classrooms is a place where pupils are pushed to the edge of their thinking and are engaged in memorable teaching that develops their learning.

Inspire- At the Training Space we work in partnership with schools to develop shared visions that directly affect the relevance and excitement of the curriculum.

Empower- Ultimately, our close collaboration with the Head, SMT and teachers and TAs shapes the outcomes for pupils. Pupils develop a sharp sense of their own learning pathway and everyone keeps on track with manageable, memorable and meaningful ways to learn new skills and apply them.

How we can help

At The Training Space we have a range of Primary subject specialists: Early Years, English, Maths. We pride ourselves on being able to combine theory with the practical as we train in school as well as provide demonstration lessons, one to one coaching and focused consultancy to all members of the team from SMT to support staff.

We can provide cluster training, INSETS and staff meetings on the most current agendas;

National Curriculum
Assessing without Levels
Reading Curriculum
Drama into Writing
Raising standards in Maths

Alongside these, programmes can be shaped to suit your needs such as one to one planning sessions:

Team teaching
Demonstration Teaching
Support Packages tailored to Ofsted areas of development

Our experience

Our consultants, Jane Considine, Kym Scott and Rachel Clarke provide a positive experience and are focused on delivering a service that develops the school and professionals within it.

Our expertise lies in understanding the real needs and demands of school life and offering advice and guidance as and when it is needed.

  • Rachel Clarke
      Rachel Clarke
    • Jane Considine
        Jane Considine
      • Kym Scott
          Kym Scott

        Resources to support

        We have a range of resources and class room tools that lift the National Curriculum ‘off the page’. Our long standing credibility with our English sources is currently being updated with Maths resources.

        Writing- We have planning documents targets for pupils linked to age expectations, assessment tools and systems to use in the classroom to improve writing skills and competencies.

        Reading- Our national ‘Book Talk’ materials are popular across the whole of the UK and used daily in thousands of classrooms.

        People we work with

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