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The FANTASTICs are a key component of Jane Considine’s systems for teaching reading and writing to primary aged pupils. This full day of training will explore ways early years practitioners can use the FANTASTICs to support children as they acquire language, develop vocabulary and begin to construct sentences. During the day, delegates will explore ways to introduce the FANTASTICs into a language rich environment and also how they can be used to directly extend children’s vocabulary. Practical ideas, anecdotes from real settings and case studies will be used to show the positive impact the FANTASTICs can have. As the day progresses delegates will discover how the FANTASTICs can also be used to effectively support the development of comprehension skills and written composition. The ideas and activities shared during this day are designed to be embedded within a curriculum of rich and varied experiences. This training is suitable for EYFS practitioners, Year 1 Teachers and Literacy Leaders.

“I am coming away from this training feeling very inspired  to introduce so many new and exciting concepts – I can see they will have a positive impact on  both my teaching and the childrens’ learning outcomes.” Julie Haggerty


  • Discover how to use the FANTASTICs in conjunction with experiences, artefacts and images to spark interest, model language and encourage talk.
  • Investigate ways the FANTASTICs can be used to support language and comprehension skills during shared reading, storytelling and role play.
  • Develop an understanding of the ‘Word Collector’ technique for explicitly modelling effective language and extending children’s vocabulary.
  • Understand how to support pupils as they progress to formulating sentences, combining ideas and attempting more difficult structures.
  • Explore ways to motivate pupils to engage in purposeful mark making and understand when and how to use modelling to support children with writing.
  • Gain an understanding of how to explicitly model sentence construction for writing, breaking down the process into small chunks that children can then attempt to apply independently.


Lyanne Young is the Education Development Officer here at The Training Space. She is an experienced Deputy Head teacher with a proven record in whole school improvement. She has coached and mentored subject leaders, individual teachers, NQTS and EYFS practitioners to develop their skills and improve their practice. Once described by an HMI inspector as a naturally gifted teacher, she has a creative approach to teaching and learning and is keen to share her wealth of experience to support others.

CALL: 01536 410078 EMAIL:

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