Going naked to school.

I’ve watched the teaching and education blogosphere for years. There are some bloody brilliant blogs out there. I’ve read hundreds and many have challenged my own beliefs and pushed my thinking forward. What fascinates me what is it that makes those blogs that are popular compared to those that are less so, or those that strike a chord and those that just infuriate.

Successful or not, I’ve followed all of these blogs with deep admiration. Blogging takes a special kind of guts, without the luxury of time, to feel confidently expert. Often, a quick response to a particular event of directive is required and freshly formed opinions exposed. This scares me quite a lot. In my mind blogging brings up memories of the recurring dream of going naked to school. What will I expose? What if people laugh? What if I get my knickers in a twist? What if I commit something to paper in haste and three months down the line I don’t believe in it anymore? Will I be held to account and under pressure to qualify things that I’ve changed my mind about or don’t care about anymore? What if I have an emotional response to something that is hot-headed and with more evidence I soften my response but by then I already exposed myself? What if I make a spelling mistake? Worse. A grammatical error?

Surely, every blogger worries about these things and this fear, up until now, has prevented me from taking part at all. Now, I just feel left out of this enormous blogging love-in and I want to take part. So folks, I’m stripping bare (all be it a little self-consciously) and going to run wild through the education environment. Please don’t laugh and be gentle with feedback, it’s taken me a long time to expose myself.

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