The Shade ‘O’ Meter Poster


What is the Shade ‘O’ Meter poster?

This wipeable, A1 poster is the perfect addition to any classroom that is using Jane Considine’s Writing Rainbow.  Teachers and pupils can collect synonyms then scale them up, or down, on the ‘intensity’ scale.

Teachers can use the technique of demonstrating word collecting live on the Shade ‘O’ Meter, e.g. a bank of words that mean angry. Next, they can engage pupils in discussions about which words mean more than angry, e.g. irate, enraged and which words mean less than angry, e.g. cross, disappointed.

  • Full colour, hard wearing, wipe clean poster.
  • Size A1 (59.4cm x 84.1cm)

We highly recommend you purchase the Small FANTASTIC symbols so pupils are clear which lens language is being collected.

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Product Description

This hard wearing A1 sized poster can be written on with non permanent markers that can then be wiped off so it can be used time and time again to collect and scale language.

It is popular with teachers in Key Stage 1 and 2 who are trying to develop language acquisition as well as strengthen pupils understanding of the effects they can create with words.  It also supports sharpening teaching to create positive or negative purposes in writing.  A true asset to any busy teacher’s classroom and one of The Training Space’s most popular resource.

We highly recommend you purchase the Small FANTASTIC symbols so pupils are clear through which lens language is being collected.

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