The Shade ‘O’ Meter A1 Poster

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The Shade ‘O’ Meter poster allows teachers to arrange words and phrases on a scale of intensity. This close analysis of word choice will allow the teacher, during the modelling of writing, to show pupils how to make appropriate choices in sentence writing.

The hard wearing, laminated poster is designed to be written on with a non permanent marker for for daily re-use.

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This hard wearing A1 sized poster can be written on with non permanent markers that can then be wiped off so it can be used time and time again to collect and scale language.

It allows teachers to develop language acquisition as well as strengthen pupils’ understanding of the effects they can create with words.  It also supports sharpening teaching to create positive or negative intent in writing. This resource is usable during the modelled writing part of the lesson and lets the teacher expand on their thought process when making appropriate word and phrase choices.

We highly recommend you purchase the Small FANTASTIC Symbols so pupils are clear through which lens language is being collected.

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