The Reading Rainbow A1 Poster

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 What is the Reading Rainbow poster?

This bright and colourful A1 poster clearly displays the whole Reading Rainbow. Designed by Jane Considine, the Reading Rainbow is a visual of all the necessary primary reading domains and competencies.

The three layers of the Reading Rainbow, from top to bottom, cover:
1. The ideas of reading: FANTASTICs
2. The understanding of reading: STYLISTICs
3. The competencies of reading: ANALYTICs

Each layer contains 9 reading lenses and by using these lenses pupils will become more confident explorers of a range of text types. The Reading Rainbow is an effective teaching tool for all year groups in the primary phase.

See below for information about how to use this product.

  • Hard wearing, full colour poster.
  • Size A1 (59.4cm x 84.1cm)

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How do I use the Reading Rainbow A1 poster?

Teachers can use this poster to show pupils which three reading lenses they are focusing on in a guided reading Book Talk session. The reading lenses on this poster can also be referred to when using reading skills in other areas of the curriculum. For example, when distinguishing between fact and opinion in a history session. In addition, having the lenses displayed on this poster can help to direct and deepen discussions about individual reading or a text being shared in a class story session.

This poster can also be used to keep a record of the lenses covered in Book Talk sessions, ensuring all competencies are being taught.

Please note: A detailed explanation of each of the reading lenses on the Reading Rainbow can be found in Jane Considine’s book ‘Hooked on Books – Transforming the Teaching of Reading’


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