Grandma Fantastic

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Grandma Fantastic is a puppet who is on a ‘wonder of words’ mission. She is a fantastic tool to use when teaching in the early years (and beyond).

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Grandma is a well travelled, very experienced older woman. She has lived on the planet so long she has a wide breadth of rich and vivid words. Grandma is fantastic because she brings her word basket into all learning situations and provides pupils with modelled vocabulary that can be explicitly explored.  Grandma will promote the nine ideas for thinking, talking and writing. Grandma can arrive into any class setting with a host of alternative word choices that our early learners may not have encountered before, e.g when using synonyms for ran she would offer choices such as raced, pelted, sprinted, dashed.

Whether you are interacting in your classroom through adult-initiated or child-initiated opportunities she will furnish you with the right words at the right time. Grandma can bring her basket into the classroom exemplifying one of the lenses and serve up rich, real and relevant words that put vocabulary development at the heart of your approach.

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