The Pupil Shade ‘O’ Meter Class Pack

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The Pupil Shade ‘O’ Meter is an A5, re-usable pupil resource that allows each child to arrange words and phrases on a scale of intensity. This close analysis of word choice will allow the pupil, during their sentence writing, to emulate the teacher’s modelling techniques with word choices. When pupils adopt this methodology to their writing, they are expanding their vocabulary and gaining a greater understanding of how to adjust their language for the most appropriate effect.

The hard wearing, laminated A5 resource fits perfectly into the pupils’ exercise books and can be written on with non-permanent markers for daily re-use. This product contains 36 x A5 laminated sheets.

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This hard wearing A5 sheet can be written on with non permanent markers that can then be wiped off so the resource can be used time and time again to collect and scale language by the pupil.

This resource allows pupils to develop language acquisition as well as strengthen their understanding of the effects they can create with words.  It also supports sharpening teaching to create positive or negative intent in writing.



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A5 class pack of 36

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