The Spelling Book – Transforming the Teaching of Spelling


Stop testing spelling and start teaching it.

In each edition of The Spelling Book, Jane Considine includes daily and weekly spelling activities that are built on the fundamentals of teaching spelling with strong phonic foundations. She has also included detailed notes for teachers that suggest how to introduce the key concepts that their pupils will be meeting, alongside proven methods to increase pupil retention.

Each book contains enough activities for the whole academic year and is organised into week-by-week activities for pupils as well as whole academic year guidance for teachers. Available to purchase for years 2 to 6, The Spelling Book will transform your teaching of spelling forever. 

“For too long, spelling instruction has been dominated by endless spelling lists and a limiting reliance on ‘look-cover-write-check’. In The Spelling Book, Jane Considine crashes through the dull confines of past spelling approaches to offer a book packed full of spelling approaches and activities. For time-poor teachers stuck for ideas, these year by year spelling books offer useful and practical support.”
Alex Quigley – author of ‘Closing the Reading Gap’

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What makes ‘The Spelling Book’ different from other spelling schemes?

The Spelling Book is not a scheme, it’s more a way of teaching spelling that relies on teachers to bring the ‘wonder of words’ to life. The Spelling Books provide structure and support to teachers whilst allowing enough room for creativity, ensuring that all National Curriculum fundamentals are covered. The Spelling Book system exceeds all expectations around making the teaching of spelling effective, and ‘stick-able’, for children. 

All of the concepts, activities and tasks within the books have been designed to increase ‘stickability’ and retention of vocabulary. The system is built on strong phonic foundations and includes a range of deep exploratory investigations, alongside short-burst ‘chunked’ revision activities.

The Spelling Book is the answer to the time-poor teachers’ planning nightmares. The year view of detailed provision from Year 2 to Year 6 ensures pupils have a good understanding of the wealth of content within the books and they are able to self assess and monitor their own strengths and weaknesses in spelling. Through using the quality materials and comprehensive guidance within The Spelling Book, children will develop expertise and fluency. The books are adaptable, engaging and thorough, serving as a way to ‘up the ante’ in primary spelling provision.

“The Spelling Book not only provides an implementable and comprehensive overview of spelling for Primary school senior leaders, but excitingly also provides a system of highly-engaging resources for classroom teachers to use and their pupils to love!”
Andrew Jennings – The Vocabulary Ninja

Please note, answers to the activities within The Spelling Books be available to view at once the books are released.


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