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Introducing Rachel Clarke

We are excited to welcome our newest member to the Training Space Team Rachel Clarke!

Rachel Clarke is a Primary Consultant/Trainer who focuses on Maths and Assessment in Primary school settings. Rachel’s style and approach inspires success with those she has worked with. She has used her past experience to set realistic and personalised targets for schools that have been proven to get results. Rachel’s passion for high educational standards is motivational and has been proven to improve outcomes for learners!

Does problem solving need to be developed in your school? Is this an area of Maths that is a priority to improve?

Rachel’s style of consultancy will put the principles of aMaze Maths and the SOLVE approach to problem solving and reasoning into practise. This will be customised to meet your school’s needs and seeing how this approach can work in your school has led to a lasting impact on learning.

For more details on Rachel please visit our Courses or INSET pages for further information and upcoming dates.